• Easy registration and communication of organization’s objectives.
  • Easy presentation of relationships between different objectives (cause and effect relationships).
  • Relationship between the different elements of an organization’s strategic structure (objectives, indicators, initiatives, others).

General Functionalities

  • Record of strategic objectives in a hierarchical structure.
  • Self-determination perspectives (Financial, Customers, Processes, Learning and Improvement, Social, others).
  • Cause and effect relationships between different strategic objectives.
  • One file for each objective with all the information related to the strategic objective, including: Description, Cause and Effect Relationships, Indicators, Strategic Initiatives, Documents, others.
  • Strategic maps to present strategic objectives and their cause-and-effect relationships.
  • Actions Schedule for individuals who either belong or not to the area considered, establishing Responsible persons, Description and Expiration dates.

Modules of:
Strategic Suite