• Full data visibility related to strategic or process measurements.
  • Early warning of trends not aligned with objectives.
  • Ability to share information related to organizational performance.
  • Data storage security.

General Functionalities

  • ENAXIS (formerly ISOKEY) allows you to feature strategic and process indicators through different graphic elements (stoplights, trend arrows, score meters, bar charts, line charts, others).
  • Data input can be done manually or automatically through communication with other systems.
  • Supports indicators with the following features:
    • Daily, weekly, monthly, quarterly, semi-annual and annual period, in a calendar year or custom year.
    • Quantitative, qualitative and valuation indicators.
    • Modality: more is better, less is better and medium is better
    • Definition of equations for indicators (averages, summations, others).
    • Notifications on changes in indicators (change of status or trend).
    • Indicator dashboards with free aesthetics (dashboards by processes, by sectors, by areas, by people, others).
    • Relationship between indicators and other system elements (projects, maps, processes, others).
    • Actions Schedule for individuals who either belong or not to the area considered, establishing Responsible persons, Description and Expiration dates.

Modules of:
Strategic Suite