Software Development

We provide software development services customized to meet our customers’ needs and focused on collaborative management or “soft” management.

We have a development framework with several collaborative techniques. This is why we are highly efficient in generating “customized” technological solutions.

We have a team of professionals with many years of experience in the development of “customized” applications and we apply internationally accepted methodologies to carry out analysis, design, development and implementation processes.

Implementation and Support

We offer implementation support services for setting and loading ENAXIS (formerly ISOKEY)system contents, such as users, organization charts, notification profiles, documents, among others.

We carry out training activities for different users, including managers, advanced and end users. We provide training courses for each of these different types of users, adapting contents and materials to the different user profiles.

These services can be provided at the customers’ premises or remotely, according to the needs and expectations of each organization.

Our customers can access all materials used during trainings, as well as operations manuals and user manuals through Enaxis CRM (

To access this platform, you must use the login credentials given to you.



A maintenance service is offered with the following:


  • ENAXIS version updates
  • User support through Enaxis CRM
  • ENAXIS training and testing events