Enaxis Suites

The ENAXIS software modules are combined in Suites with features to improve process management in different types of organizations.


Basic Suite

Basic Suit has different basic modules that are also required by the rest of the ENAXIS (formerly ISOKEY) Suites.

The Projects module is included, for instance, to define and follow-up action plans, strategic initiatives and any other type of project required by any organization.

Basic Suite is made up of the following modules:

Organizational chart





ISO Suite

ISO SUITE offers technological support for the management of different processes required to implement ISO or similar regulatory standards. ISO Suite includes modules such as Documents, Non-Conformities, Actions, Audits, Processes, Surveys, Change Management, among others.

Implementation of quality management systems, environmental management, occupational health and safety management, among others, add greater value with less effort when supported by ENAXIS (formerly ISOKEY) ISO Suite.

ISO Suite is made up of the following modules:


Actions (CAPAs)



Sales contacts

Documentation control


Change management



Strategic Suite

Strategic Suite offers technological support for the company’s strategic management, based on the general Balanced Scorecard principles.

This Suite allows you to manage elements such as strategic structure, strategic maps, indicators, scoreboards, among others.

It offers high-impact solutions that are necessary for the implementation of the organization’s strategy.

It is complemented by the Governance Suite for the management of strategic follow-up meetings.

Strategic Suite is made up of the following modules:



Governance Suite

Governance Suite offers technological support for the organizations’ Corporate Governance. Its operation is based on the creation of Committees responsible for managing certain objectives established by the organization. These objectives are unfolded into issues that are dealt with by the Committees in further meetings. With ENAXIS (formerly ISOKEY) it is possible to schedule meetings, send meeting agendas, register participants, record and communicate decisions and prepare minutes of the meetings.

It offers a set of essential tools for the organization workgroups to work in line with the objectives, carrying out effective and efficient meetings.

Governance Suite is made up of the following modules:



Risk Suite

Risk Suite offers technological support for process-based Risk Management. Through modules and functionalities available in this Suite, it is possible to map processes, establish fault trees attributable to different processes, create risk assessment matrices, establish risk mitigation actions and deploy comparative matrices of the assessments carried out before and after mitigation actions are implemented.

Risk Suite ensures that Risk Management is conducted under the premises of a continuous improvement.

Risk Suite está is made up of the following modules:

Fault trees

Risk assessments

Mitigation actions