Bantotal implemented ENAXIS as a tool for its Information Security Management System, which has been certified according to ISO 27001, as well as for the administration of other projects and ongoing certifications such as SOC 1, SOC 2 and PCI-DSS.

Bantotal is the leading solution in Latin America that solves the critical mission operations of Financial Institutions in a simple, complete and precise way, being a customer-centric banking platform.

Being one of its Partners, it acquired ENAXIS in order to optimize its internal processes and support its integrated management system, taking as a premise maximizing the value provided to the client.

Bantotal started working with the Documentation Control module to manage its documentation and implemented the findings and audit modules. Claims management will also be carried out through ENAXIS to enhance cooperation between those responsible for treating them, while being able to identify patterns of occurrence and take the pertinent actions.

The implementation of the Governance Suite allowed him to use a set of essential tools so that the work groups are aligned with the objectives, carrying out effective and efficient meetings. As well as the Risk suite to manage technological risks and plan and carry out mitigation actions on them.